Flowmeter LC Or Liquid Control

Flowmeter LC Or Liquid Control

Flowmeter LC Or Liquid Control

Flowmeter LC or Liquid Control

Features :

* 1.Sustained Accuracy and Repeatability

*2.No Metal-to-Metal Contact within the measuring chamber ,Low Pressure Loss & Low Maintenance

*3.3 PD Series available to support an extensive range of refined fuel and fluid applications

*4.Choice of Aluminum or Stainless Steel materials of construction

*5.Variety of system accessories available to provide our customers a single source for accuracy and reliabiliy when it comes to fuel measurement and data management

LC M and MA series meters are well suited for use in industries requiring precise flow measurement andreliable, extended service life:
• Refined petroleum products
• Aviation fuels
• Agricultural chemicals
• Paints and coatings
• Foods and beverages
• Petrochemicals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Cosmetics
• Printing Inks
• Textiles

Flowmeter LC or Liquid Control

Construction : 
Meter housing and rotors : Cast aluminum or stainless steel
Internal components : Aluminum, Ni-Resist,stainless steel
Seal materials : UL recognized component: Buna-N, Viton®1, Teflon®1

Bearings : Carbon, Teflon, Ni-Resist

1Viton and Teflon are
registered trademarks of
DuPont Corporation.

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