Flowmeter Avery Hardoll

Flowmeter Avery Hardoll

Flowmeter Avery Hardoll 

Flowmeter Avery Hardoll Flowmeter Avery Hardoll

The BM Series flowmeter directly converts volume to rotational output with minimum scope for error and with minimal disturbance from surrounding conditions, such as turbulence from nearby valves, bends, and other system conditions.

  • Positive displacement measurement
  • 115 to 3780 LPM (30 to 1000 GPM) flow rates
  • Unequalled performance in measurement

Flowmeter Avery Hardoll


Manifold:  Fabricated steel or ductile iron (ductile iron not available on triple capsule meters)

Body: Ni-Resist cast iron

Vanes:  Carbon

Rotor:  Aluminum or Ni-Resist cast iron

Outer Covers:  Aluminum or Ni-Resist cast iron

Inner Covers:  Ni-Resist cast iron

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