Strainer Yositake


Strainer Yositake

Jual strainer Yositake

Type : U Type

Strainer Yositake

Spesification :

Aplication : Cold and hot water , Oil , Other non-dangerous fluids

Max Pressure : 1.0Mpa

Conection : JIS 10K FF flanged

Max temperature : 220 degree(C)

Standar Screen : 6 mmDia.-1.42 holes/

Standar Mesh : 60 mesh

Standar Screen : 6 mm Dia.-1.42 holes/

Standar Mesh : 20-250 mesh


Body : Ductile cast iron

Screen : Stainless steel Mesh

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Untuk Info lebih Lanjut Hubungi : 

Sales : Leo

Hp / Wa : 082122792896



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