Oil Flow Meters Macnaught F075-3S4


Oil Flow Meters Macnaught F075-3S4

Macnaught F075 Fuel & Oil Flow Meter : 3″ Ports, 20 – 750 L/Min

Spesification : 

Available with Mechanical Registers
Aluminium Body, FKM (Viton) seal
2″ Ports (Flanged or threaded)
Flow Range: 20 – 750 L/min, > 5 cPs

60 – 600 L/min, < 5 cPs

Pressure: 34bar (500psi)
Temperature Max : 80°C

Accuracy: +/- 1%, O.R

Repatability +/- 0.03%

Oil Flow Meters Macnaught F075-3S4

  • Bearing-less PTFE/PPS rotors provide exceptionally low pressure drop and can even be used in gravity fed applications. This unique rotor design ensures minimal wear resulting in many years of reliable service.
  • Proven over time to provide consistently accurate flow measurement that is not affected by variations in temperature, viscosity, or pressure.
  • Applications:
    • Service and Fueling Trucks
    • Fuel Depots
    • Portable Fueling Systems
    • Bio-Diesel Blending and Production
    • Lubricant Blending and Dispensing
    • Hydraulic Fluid Dispensing and test stands
    • Boiler and generator fuel consumption
    • Fuel consumption for mining, construction, and military vehicles
    • Bitumen/ Asphalt production .



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