Hot Water hydraulic Sensor


Hot Water hydraulic Sensor AN 130

Hydraulic Sensor  for hot water up to 130 derajat celcius ,PN 16 and PN 25

Main Characteristic

Fully dry dial with no gear reduction in the wet chamber

Wear resistant tungsten carbide / sapphire bearing

Magnetic coupling protected against magnetite

Pulse sender safe from interference

Easy to repair construction with external regulation


The hydraulic AN 130 sensors are multi-jet dry dial vane impeller hot water meters,

Suitable for installing in central heating and cooling systems and remote warning system.With their built-in pulse sender they are approved as a volume measurement element for heat meters

Versions for horizontal , rising and falling flow directions with screwing  (PN 16) or flanges

(horizontal flow , PN 25) are available

Techincal Data

Display :                                00000.000 m3

Working Preasure  :           16 bar

25 bar (Spesial Version

Working Temperature :    10 … 130 derajat celcius

PTB-Approval :                   Class B

Pulse sender

Pulse sender :                   Reed switch

Permanently installed

Cable length :                    2 m

Load capacity :                  max. 0.1 A, max. 28 V

Contact resistance:          max 105 Ohm

Pulse Value :                     10 Liters / pulse

For other pulse values see special versions


Casing: Brass , painted

Impeller : Plastic

Impeller cup : Plastic

Bearing Pin : Tungsten carbide

Impeller bearing : Sapphire

Mgnetic coupling : Ceramic Permanent Magnets.

Jual Flowmeter sensus

Flowmeter sensus





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