Flowmeter Avery Hardoll BM 750


Flowmeter Avery Hardoll BM 750

Flowmeter Avery Hardoll BM 750

Feature :

  • Positive displacement liquid measuring instruments
  • Unequalled performance in measurement
  • Free from installation effects
  • Flow Rates of 25 gall/min (115 lit/min) to 850 gall/min (3870 lit/min)

Bulk Meter Series

Avery Hardoll bulk meters are precision made, positive displacement, liquid measuring instruments,which maintain accurate metering over long periods of operation.

Simplicity of design and construction together with sustained accuracy has led to the widespread use of these meters on aviation refuelling vehicles, in oil terminals throughout the world and also as master meters for use in calibration.

Flowmeter Avery hardoll BM750
Flowmeter Avery hardoll BM750

Flowmeter Avery Hardoll BM 750


The positive displacement principle is the only accurate method of measuring fluid flow.

No other technology can achieve such accuracy because measurement becomes inferred, that is indirect and subject to assumption.

The Avery Hardoll bulk meter directly converts volume to rotational output with minimum scope for error and with minimal disturbance from surrounding conditions, eg.

turbulence from nearby valves, bends, etc.


MANIFOLD                  : Fabricated steel or ductile iron

(ductile iron not available on  triple capsule meters)

BODY                              : Ni-Resist cast iron

VANES                          : Carbon

ROTOR                           :Aluminium or Ni-Resist cast iron

OUTER COVERS        : Aluminium or Ni-Resist cast iron

INNER COVERS         : Ni-Resist cast iron

BEARINGS                   : Stainless steel

SEALS                            : High nitrile or fluorocarbon

Flowmeter Avery Hardoll BM 750

Size : 6 Inchi


Maximum working pressure   :  10.5 bar (150 psi)

Test pressure    :  21 bar (300 psi)

Temperature range    :  -28ºC to 100ºC

Volume per revolution   :   2.27 litres (single capsule)

4.54 litres (double capsule)

6.82 litres (triple capsule)

Repeatability typically     :  0.02%



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