Flowmeter Oval


Flowmeter Oval Japan

General : 

High accuracy positive displacement flowmeter for wide range of fluids including water, petroleum, solvent. The mechanical counter allows checking of total flowrates in the field. Output furnished flowmeter is also available optionally.

Features : 

High accuracy: ±0.5% RD (Option: ±0.2% RD)

Metering chamber is of a pocketless configuration and is applicable to a wide range of liquids including chemical liquids.

Low pressure loss, high durability.

 Spesifications :

Model: LB282-152-117/114-000

Size: 80mm (3″)

Max. Flow Range: 60 m³/h (Liquids)

Direct coupled register: Direct reading register w/reset counter

Accuracy Adjustor and Mounting Adaptor: Convenient type Ajustor AF3 provided

Construction: Double case construction

Material: Transmision System Type “2” magnetic coupling   Outer Housing : Cast Iron 10 Kgf/cm2   Inner Housing Rotors Bronze ( Satinless Steel)   Bearings Carbon Bearing or Needle Bearings.

Accuracy: 0.2%

Operating  Temp. Range: 0 – +60ºC

Liquids to be  Metered: Water, Petroleums, Chemical liquidsVolume Per Pointer

Rev.: 10 LMin.

Reading: 0.1 LMax.

Readout: 9 999 998 L


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