Pumps Corken PZ10


Pumps Corken PZ10

Corken Pump PZ10

Sliding Vane Pumps Corken PZ10

Feature Pumps Corken PZ 10

Self-adjusting sliding blades and blade drivers maximizes performance

Replaceable cam and sideplates and sideplates are reversible for twice the life

Removing the pump head gives full access to the internals without disturbing the piping

Can handle small amounts of vapor

The excellent suction lift is great for clearing suction and discharge lines

Internal relief valve is pre-set at the factory and is not adjustable

PZ 10

Corken Vane Pump PZ Series

  • Operating Specification

Standard Connection   :  2” NPT

Operational Connection  :  2 ½” NPT

Max. Diferential Pressure  :  125 psid ( 8,6 Bar )

Temperatuire Range  :  Up To 300°F ( 149°C )

Max. Working Pressure  :  200 psi ( 13.8 Bar )

Max. Speed  :  800 RPM

Fluids Handlad  :  Refined Petroleum Products And Industrial Solvents


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